Does Drake have a 360 deal? (2023)

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Does Drake have a 360 deal?

According to Variety, Drake's $400 million Universal deal — called “Lebron-sized” because of the sheer magnitude of both its value and its scope — encompasses “recordings, publishing, merchandise, and visual media projects.” Put simply, it's a 360 deal on steroids.

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What rappers have 360 Deals?

Over the past few years 300 Entertainment has grown to become one of the preeminent independent labels offering 360 record deals to big name artists such as Fetty Wap, Young Thug, Migos and more.

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How long is Drakes record deal?

Drake was signed as a solo artist to Republic Records through Young Money and Cash Money for nine years. Drake's 2018 release Scorpion was his last project under Young Money/Cash Money.

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What is Drake's highest selling single?

Drake's done it again. The Canadian-born rapper appears to have the Midas touch when it comes to his career. The “Back to Back” hitmaker is now RIAA-certified as the highest-selling singles artist, putting him ahead of another talented musician.

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How many #1 Does Drake have?

1 Hits. Drake has tallied 11 No. 1 hits on the Hot 100 in his career, the most among rappers. Among all artists, though, he's tied with Whitney Houston for the seventh-most, after The Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (19), Rihanna (14), Michael Jackson (13), The Supremes and Madonna (12 each).

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What is Drake's record sales?

With 170 million records sold worldwide, he is among the best-selling music artists in history. Drake has achieved eleven number-one albums on the Billboard 200 and twelve number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Billboard hailed him as the "Artist of the 2010s Decade" and the 16th Greatest Artist of all time.

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What is Drake's deal with Cash Money?

“Aspire claims that in 2008, it signed an exclusive recording agreement with Drake, then entered into an agreement in June 2009 with Cash Money Records that would allow Drake to record for the label in exchange for one-third of the net profits of his first six albums and one-third of the copyrights of his master ...

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Is a 360 deal worth it?

No, in most cases it's the artist that ends up paying the price. And pay the price you will. In a 360 deal, it's the label giving your career a cash injection. It doesn't help that they take a percentage of everything you make, but in an instance where they can't recoup costs, you're probably the one going into debt.

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How much does Drake get per show?

As AfroTech previously told you, part of Drake's net worth includes $50 million in earnings from his music catalog, as of 2021. Additionally, he reportedly earns $1 million per concert, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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How much royalty does Drake get?

He is the first artist ever to surpass 50 billion streams on Spotify, which would generate over $218 million in royalties.

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Has Drake sold more than Eminem?

Drake Passes Eminem As Highest-Selling Singles Artist in History.

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Who gave 69 a record deal?

As reported by Rolling Stone, the musician, born Daniel Hernandez, signed the $13.2-million deal with 10K Projects earlier this week, committing to a two-album deal with one recorded in English and one in Spanish.

Does Drake have a 360 deal? (2023)
How much is Jay Z record deal?

Thr 10-year deal reportedly sees Jay Z receive $10 million per album for a minimum of three albums, $20 millions for others rights including publishing and licensing and $25 million to finance Jay Z's external acquisitions and investments.

Does Nicki Minaj have a 360 deal?

Conversation. Fun Fact: Nicki Minaj is the only current mainstream female rapper that is not signed to a 360 deal with her record label.

Who has more hits Drake or Kanye?

RS Charts: Drake Breaks Kanye West's Artists 500 Record – Rolling Stone. Music.

Has Drake sold more than Michael Jackson?

Three of Drake's LPs have sold over five million copies, which is astounding for any artist over the past decade, rap or otherwise. Well, from 1979 to his death in 2009, Jackson released seven albums, and his only sold under eight million copies twice — again, mostly physical copies.

What is Drake's lowest selling album?

Sonic Vista Studios » Drake's 'Scorpion' Is the Lowest-Selling No. 1 Album In 27 Years.

Does Drake have a diamond album?

Drake's "God's Plan" was certified diamond in 2019. The rapper received a second diamond certification in 2020 as a featured artist on Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode," and a third in 2021 as a featured artist on Future's "Life Is Good." He added two more to his total in 2022 for "Hotline Bling" and "One Dance."

Who has the most #1 hits on Billboard?

The Beatles haven't released a new studio album since 1970's Let It Be, but the foursome certainly made their mark in music history — decades later, the group still holds the record for the most No. 1 songs in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, with a total of 20 chart-toppers.

What records has Drake broken?

Among the world's best-selling music artists, with over 170 million records sold, Drake is ranked as the highest-certified digital singles artist in the United States by the RIAA. He has won four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, a record 34 Billboard Music Awards, two Brit Awards, and three Juno Awards.

What artist outsold Michael Jackson?

RIAA: Eagles' Greatest Hits Has Outsold Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Becoming The Best Selling Album Of All Time.

Is Elvis bigger than Drake?

Drake Passes Elvis Presley, Now Trails Only Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder & Elton John For Most Hot 100 Top 10s Among Solo Males.

How does a 360 deal work?

A “360” as it's called in the industry, is an exclusive contract between a label and an artist. In a 360 deal, a recording label not only takes a share of the artist's music sales, but also percentages of revenue from other ventures, such as concerts, merchandise, television appearances, or publishing.

How much did Lil Wayne sell Drakes Masters for?

Last week, we learned Lil Wayne sold his masters to Universal Music Group for $100 million. A new report unveils that Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga's catalogs under Young Money were sold along with Lil Wayne's catalog.

Who owns Drake's Masters?

As of December 2020, UMG reportedly owns all of Drake's pre-2018 album catalogue that has been released with the Young Money record label.

Do you get an advance in a 360 deal?

In the music industry, a 360 deal (from 360° deal) is a business relationship between an artist and a music industry company. The company agrees to provide financial and other support for the artist, including direct advances as well as support in marketing, promotion, touring and other areas.

How much does the label take in a 360 deal?

What is a 360 Record Deal? In the past, major record companies when signing an artist simply required that they take a share of record royalties. Typically, a new artist or group would receive 14-16% of the suggested retail list price of each record sold, minus deductions for packaging, free goods, etc.

What is a 270 deal?

In some instances, people use the term “180 Deal” to mean that the label shares in record sales income and music publishing income. The term “270 Deal” can mean that the label shares. in only record sales income, music publishing income, and merchandising income (but not touring income).

How much does Jay Z charge for a show?

Other rappers with hefty performance fees include JAY-Z, who reportedly charges $1 million and Rick Ross who allegedly requests an estimated $60,000 per show.

How much is a rappers paycheck?

The salaries of Rappers in the US range from $18,720 to $141,440 , with a median salary of $49,920 .

How much does Spotify pay for 1 million streams?

As for how much Spotify pays per stream, they pay roughly $0.04 per 10 streams. So, 1000 streams would be around $4, and 100,000 streams would be $400. Remember, this result may be lower based on certain factors such as if only half of your song was listened to.

Does Jay Z have any diamond albums?

So far, only seven hip hop records have reached the Diamond status that signifies 10 million certified album units sold in the US. Such artists as Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, and Dr. Dre, while having many other accolades imaginable, are yet to reach this milestone in their careers.

How much money does Drake make off Apple music?

It's been reported that one streaming service, Apple Music, pays . 00783 cents per stream. So if, hypothetically speaking, all of Certified Lover Boy's 743 million streams were all from Apple Music, that would've raked in close to $6 million alone.

Who is the best selling rapper ever?

Eminem. Hailed as one of the best rappers ever – Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem and “Kind of Hip Hop”, is THE best selling solo rapper of all time, and one of the largest selling musicians of the century.

Who is the highest earning rapper?

On Friday, October 28, former Forbes entertainment editor Zack O'Malley Greenburg released his new list of the Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists of 2022. In his list, he calculates the top five highest-earning rappers in the game right now. JAY-Z still reigns at the top of the list but his net worth increased to $1.5 billion.

Who is the most famous rapper ever?

fame is defined by the % of people who have heard of a rap & hiphop music artist. Find out more
  • 1 Snoop Dogg96%
  • 2 Kanye West95%
  • 3 Eminem93%
  • 4 Jay-Z93%
  • 5 Ice Cube93%
  • P. Diddy91%
  • 7 MC Hammer91%
  • 8 Beastie Boys90%

How much does 69 pay his security?

According to the docs obtained by the outlet, 6ix9ine agreed to pay for around-the-clock armed security. The contract states that the going rate for the security team's services is $85 an hour with the late-night shift cost of $127.50 per hour.

How much is a 69 contract worth?

According to the publication, the deal is worth more than $10 million. If he receives a light sentence in December, 6ix9ine will reportedly record an album in Spanish as part of the contract. Tekashi's racketeering charges carried a potential sentence of 32 years up to life in prison.

How many albums did 6ix9ine sell?

Rapper 6ix9ine and his team faced a difficult opening week when his new album “Tattletales” sold around 50,000 copies, one-third of the projected amount.

What is the $400 million Drake deal?

The outlet reports that Aubrey Graham was issued a check for $400 million in a deal that includes everything from song recordings to visual projects. The deal — similar to the one The Weeknd signed with the media giant — puts Drake in the Republic Records camp.

How much does it cost to verse with Drake?

There's a rumor that Drake charges over $1 million for a feature, which is a ton but not surprising. With this type of pricing, Only the rich and fairly connected would be willing to put up the money for it anyway, so it's not like he would have to risk working with a "nobody" for it.

What brand deals does Drake have?

Drake also has lucrative deals with Sprite, Apple and Nike. He left Jay-Z's Tidal behind to sign with Apple for $19 million and went on to release promotions for them. Otherwise, the 32-year-old Canadian rapper has an equity stake in Virginia Black whiskey and the Toronto Raptors basketball team.


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