How big is Gondor's army? (2023)

How many soldiers does Gondor have?

Less than 3,000 men from southern Gondor answered their call for aid before the siege commenced, including 200 "well-armed" men from Forlong, 700 men-at-arms plus "a company of knights" from Imrahil, 300 foot from Ringlo Vale, 500 bowmen from Duinhir, 300 men from Pinnath Gelin, "a few grim hillmen without a captain" ...

How big was Gondor's army at its peak?

The companies from outlying provinces of Gondor that came to the aid of Minas Tirith amounted to nearly 3,000 defenders. Prominent among these was a 700-strong contingent led by Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, Denethor's brother-in-law.

How big was the army of Rohan?

In the reign of Theoden's grandfather, a full muster of Riders was about 14,000. The number was assumed to be greater in Theoden's time. There are probably foot soldiers too, and when you add in servants and support staff, the entirety of Rohan's army could be close to 40,000 or so.

Why was Gondor's army so small?

At the time of the battle of Minas Tirith Gondor's population was in decline and they had lost significant territory compared to their height and they could no longer field the armies of old. Most of their Soldiers were deployed elsewhere (Belfelas and Dol Amroth for sure, but likely other places too).

What was the biggest army in LOTR?

Rhûn's main Easterling army of 200,000 Easterlings were one of the largest armies ever gathered in the Middle-earth, and the largest army in the north-eastern parts of Middle-earth.

How big was Saruman army?

The enemy, Saruman's army, consisted of at least 10,000 Orcs and men, most marching from Isengard to Helm's Deep, and others heading to the Fords of Isen.

How many soldiers are in Minas Tirith?

The Siege of Minas Tirith begins when the massive army of 600,000 Orcs, Trolls, Wargs, Haradrim and Easterlings launch their assault, using siege towers and catapults.

Who are the best soldiers in Middle-earth?

Top 10 Good Combat Heroes in Middle-earth™
  1. 1 – Aragorn™, King Elessar™ Taking the top spot is none other than the King of Gondor himself – Aragorn, King Elessar.
  2. 2 – Boromir™, Captain of the White Tower. ...
  3. 3 – Dáin Ironfoot™ ...
  4. 4 – Gil-galad. ...
  5. 5 – Elendil. ...
  6. 6 – Thranduil™ ...
  7. 7 – Durin. ...
  8. 8 – Helm Hammerhand. ...
Nov 12, 2020

How big was Minas Tirith?

According to the New Line book The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare, the height of Minas Tirith (in the films) from the foot of the gates to the top of the Tower of Ecthelion (which individually is said to be 300 feet tall) is around 1,000 feet (304.8 m), and the diameter of the city almost three-quarters of a ...

How big was Morgoths army?

The number of Morgoth's orks is estimated to be around 1.000. 000–1.500.

How big was the army at Helm's Deep?

The army of Rohan consisted of 500 Rohirrim soldiers of Helm's Deep and 200 Rohirrim soldiers of Edoras. This force included Aragorn, Gimli Lockbearer, and Legolas Greenleaf. The army was reinforced with 300 Rohirrim farmers, squires, and stable boys, leading to a total of 1000.

How big was Robb Stark's army?

Robb Stark's forces were 20,000 strong, made of Lords, Knights, other nobles and Sellswords.

Why did Gondor go so long without a king?

With Aragorn being a descendant of the High King, he was the only remaining heir who had a right to Gondor. But with Isildur's bloodline missing for many years, people assumed the rightful kings were lost long ago. Gondor still had Denethor left in charge, so many were content to leave him be.

How many Rohirrim are in Helm's Deep?

There were roughly 3,000 rohirrim defending Helm's Deep. This force consisted of Helm's Deep's original garrison, as well as the soldiers that Théoden brought with him. When Gandalf showed up, he brought with him 1,000 more rohirrim as well as an army of huorns (small ents).

Did Gondor have a navy?

Third Age, under the Stewards

During the early years of the Third Age, Gondor was victorious and wealthy, and kept a careful watch on Mordor, but the peace ended with Easterling invasions. Gondor established a powerful navy and captured the southern port of Umbar from the Black Númenóreans, becoming very rich.

Who had 50000 soldiers in his command?

Plassey. Clive's greatest victory was at Plassey on 23 June 1757. The Nawab, having resumed the war, commanded 50,000 men.

What is the largest army in Westeros?

The Army of the Reach is said to be the largest army in all of Westeros. House Tyrell of Highgarden is in command of the army, controlled mainly by the Lord or Lady of Highgarden, otherwise known as the Warden of the South.

Did Tolkien ever see combat?

According to the British historian Martin Gilbert, who interviewed Tolkien decades later about his combat experience, he came under intense enemy fire. He had heard “the fearful cries of men who had been hit,” Gilbert wrote. “Tolkien and his signalers were always vulnerable.”

How many soldiers were in Minas Tirith?

The Siege of Minas Tirith begins when the massive army of 600,000 Orcs, Trolls, Wargs, Haradrim and Easterlings launch their assault, using siege towers and catapults.

How many soldiers are in King's Landing?

↑ "Valar Dohaeris": King's Landing is at the mouth of the Blackwater River, which flows into Blackwater Bay, and thus the battle took place where both bodies of water named "Blackwater" meet. ↑ According to Tywin's words in "You Win or You Die", they had 60,000 soldiers of the Westerlands.

Did Gondor have an army?

The Gondorian military wore chain-mail armour with helmets graven with a small silver star. The Prince and Captain of Gondor Earnur organized the Host of the West, joining forces with Arnor and Elves. The Guards of the Citadel wore black mail with mithril helms and a black and silver surcoat.

How many inhabitants does Minas Tirith have?

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Minas Tirith
DescriptionWhite city of seven levels
People and History
CreatedS.A. 3320
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Jan 11, 2023

What is the biggest city in Gondor?

The people of Gondor's capital

The population of Minas Tirith, the seat of the later Kings and Stewards of Gondor and, for much of the Third Age, the greatest city in the known regions of Middle-earth.

How many riders did Rohan have?

The Muster was known to the Rohirrim in their own language as an éoherë, or 'horse-army'. In principle, a full éoherë would have consisted of one hundred éoreds, themselves each consisting of 120 Riders, so that the King of Rohan would have 12,000 warriors under his command.


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