How old is Imogen in Heartstopper? (2023)

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What year is Imogen in Heartstopper?

Imogen (Rhea Norwood), meanwhile, is a friend of Nick's and a student in her 11th year, and she's harboring a secret crush on one of her classmates. The eight-episode story, out April 22, is based on Oseman's webcomic turned graphic novel series of the same title.

Was Imogen in the Heartstopper?

Imogen Heaney, portrayed by Rhea Norwood, is a main character in the Netflix adaption of Heartstopper. She is one of Nick Nelson's best friends, and formerly had a crush on him. She is also classmates with Tara Jones, Darcy Olsson, and Elle Argent.

Will Imogen be in season 2 Heartstopper?

Aside from Locke and Connor, the whole main cast from Season 1 is slated to return, which includes Yasmin Finney as Elle, William Gao as Tao, Corinna Brown as Tara, Kizzy Edgell as Darcy, Sebastian Croft as Ben, Tobie Donovan as Isaac, Rhea Norwood as Imogen, and Jenny Walser as Tori.

Does Nick go on a date with Imogen in Heartstopper?

Nick double-books himself, agreeing to go on a date with Imogen — the poor girl's dog just died — and to Charlie's bowling alley birthday party.

Who does Imogen end up with?

James Norton

Does Imogen have a crush on Nick?

Imogen has a longtime crush on Nick Nelson

But intermixed in their story is Imogen. She is Nick's longtime friend and the only female in the friend group. Her crush on Nick is obvious to everyone, and they often tease Nick about it.

Who has anorexia in Heartstopper?

In the graphic novels, it is eventually revealed that Charlie struggles with an eating disorder. Nick begins to notice that Charlie tends to skip meals, which results in him fainting during a trip to Paris, where the pair finally discuss Charlie's relationship with food.

Why did Heartstopper add Imogen?

In an interview with HELLO! Magazine, Oseman said, “I came up with Imogen because I wanted Nick to have a friend who wasn't one of the lads. We knew we needed a bit more drama and angst in the story and Imogen is the one who brings the drama midseason”.

Is baby queen Imogen in Heartstopper?

Imogen (Rhea Norwood)

Charlie isn't the only person at school crushing on Nick. There's also Imogen, a real guy's girl who likes to hang out with the boys before school. Rhea Norwoodmakes her on-screen debut in Heartstopper. You can follow Norwood on Instagram and Twitter.

Do Nick and Charlie break up?

This is a young adult rom-com; of course they get back together. Charlie, convinced that he was only making Nick's life worse, was the one who ended things. But it wasn't until field day that Nick made his grand romantic gesture to get his boyfriend back. In the middle of the rugby match, Nick ran to Charlie.

Who kisses Charlie in Heartstopper?

Nick and Charlie's first kiss

It's all in the pinky brush. When the cuteness occurs: Episode 3 Why our hearts combust: Nick invites Charlie to his friend Harry's (Cormac Hyde-Corrin) party, and all Nick wants to do is spend his time with Charlie. The entire party sequence is a magical lead-up to their first kiss.

Why Isaac and not Aled?

Explaining the decision to replace Aled with Isaac, Alice told HELLO!: "Basically, Aled is a character in one of my other books, who has his whole own separate story and I decided that I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted with this character so it worked to create a new character."

Does Nick kiss Imogen?

They share a kiss in public which is a huge deal, though it doesn't seem like anyone sees them. The next day, Nick meets up with Imogen and tells her he doesn't like her romantically. He tells her he's been feeling like he isn't being his true self, to which she understands.

Is Imogen not in the Heartstopper books?

Isaac And Imogen Aren't In The Books

Heartstopper season 1 adds two new characters that don't exist in the books — Isaac and Imogen. Charlie's friend Isaac takes the place of one of his closest friends in the graphic novels, Aled Last, who is also a main character in Oseman's novel Radio Silence.

How old is Imogen?

Imogen was born on February 28, 1998, making her 24 years old.

Why is Imogen pregnant?

It's revealed throughout the season that Imogen's pregnancy is the result of a sexual assault. Her closest friend, Tabby, was also recently sexually assaulted, which - unfortunately - was not a coincidence.

Why did Imogen go bald?

Brief Outline: (Text only clips) Imogen has had alopecia since she was 7. Her mum found some bald patches on her scalp and the rest of her hair fell out within two weeks.

Who adopts Imogen's baby?

The ultimate connection to the original "Pretty Little Liars" came in "PLL: Original Sin"'s season one finale, when Imogen tells Tabby a couple from Rosewood is adopting her baby. They're both writers, and their names are — wait for it — Aria and Ezra.

Who is Imogen baby daddy?

Telling the adoption worker he's the father

Chip flat-out said he was the father of Imogen's baby, which honestly should have been the biggest giveaway of all.

Who is Nick's ex girlfriend?

Nick Jonas's ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo reveals she wanted to marry him, says she was left with no 'identity' after break-up.

Is Tori Spring straight?

Alice has said that although Tori canonically identifies as straight in Solitaire, she personally thinks Tori is actually on the aro/ace spectrums.

What mental illness does Charlie Spring have?

Charlie is then taken to a psychiatric hospital for people struggling with anorexia, and is soon taken to see a therapist named Geoffrey. There, he is diagnosed with anxiety, depression, anorexia, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

What gender is Aled last?

Alice and many others believe that sometime in the future, Aled will come to identify as non-binary. Official art depicting Aled in the future shows him wearing androgynous clothing and styling his hair androgynously.

What is Tao's last name in Heartstopper?

Tao Xu, a lanky British teen of Chinese descent portrayed by William Gao, makes this admission to his close friend Elle (Yasmin Finney) near the end of the penultimate episode of Heartstopper.

Who is Sahar Zahid?

Sahar Zahid, portrayed by Leila Khan, is a supporting character in Heartstopper. She is best friends with Elle Argent, Aled Last, Tara Jones, Nick Nelson, Darcy Olsson, Charlie Spring, and Tao Xu. She used to be a student at the Harvey Greene Grammar School before transferring to the Truham Grammar School.

Who is Baby Queen in Heartstoppers?

Baby Queen, real name Arabella Latham, spoke about the honour of writing 'Colours of You' for the show upon its release. “To be asked to be a part of a story as beautiful and culturally important as Alice Oseman's Heartstopper was unbelievable, and still feels completely surreal,” she said.

Who is the asexual character in Heartstopper?

Earlier this year, Heartstopper took the queer community and beyond by storm, and on twitter Alice Oseman, the aroace creator of the comics and series, confirmed that supporting character Isaac (Tobie Donovan) is an aroace character.

Who does Tao like Heartstopper?

Except, by the end of season one, Elle isn't the only one surrounded by illustrated leaves and all of the other cutesy details that this show uses to signify love. Yep, Tao has a crush on Elle too, although that's been obvious to everyone except Tao from the get-go.

Who is Elle dating in Heartstopper?

She is best friends with Tara Jones, Aled Last, Isaac Henderson, Nick Nelson, Darcy Olsson, Charlie Spring, and Sahar Zahid, and is the girlfriend of Tao Xu.

Does Nick and Charlie Date IRL?

The answer is no. In an interview with Digital Spy in May 2022, Kit confirmed that he and Joe are “very good friends,” which helped when they had to perform intimate scenes as Nick and Charlie.

What is Nick and Charlie's age gap?

Charlie is one-year below Nick.

Why is Heartstopper blue and yellow?

as Charlie has a blue knitted jumper on a Nick has a yellow coat on. these two colours particularly are used throughout the show to show development with not only eachother but within themselves too. for example, when it is snowing and Nick gives Charlie his hoodie to wear (2/?) the hoodie is blue.

Who gives Charlie his first kiss?

Charlie gives Sam a record that Aunt Helen had given him, and Sam whispers to Charlie that she loves him. She gives Charlie a typewriter, and she gives Charlie his first kiss. As it turns out, Sam had been sexually abused, and she wants Charlie to have a loving first kiss, not an abusive one.

What does a kiss on the neck mean?

What is a Neck Kiss? The neck kiss is exactly what it sounds like — a kiss on the neck. It's considered a kiss of passion, and shows that you're really into the lucky person who receives it. Neck kisses are usually around the nape of the neck or right where the shoulders meet the neck.

Is Charlie mentally ill Heartstopper?

He suffers from OCD, anorexia, anxiety and depression throughout the course of Heartstopper and Solitaire.

Did Isaac call his wife his sister?

Isaac and Abimelech

Isaac states that Rebekah, his wife, is really his sister, as he is worried that the Philistines will otherwise kill him in order to marry Rebekah.

Why isn t Oliver in Heartstopper?

In a tweet, she shared that characters like Charlie's younger brother Oliver would not be in the show because there were enough characters, while Charlie's friend Aled was not being included because he is a major character in Radio Silence and his inclusion in Heartstopper would detract from that.

Why is Alex not in Heartstopper?

Additionally, back in January 2021, Alice shared on Twitter that the reason for excluding Aled from Heartstopper had to do with his significant storyline in Radio Silence. "I decided not to include Aled in the TV series.

What episode do they kiss Heartstopper?

Heartstopper – Season 1 Episode 3 “Kiss” Recap & Review.

Do Imogen and Jack Date?

Jack and Imogen maintained a friendship until their mutual attraction developed into a relationship and they became a couple in Hypnotize. They were dating strongly until Jack refused to tell her parents that she was gay and was dating Imogen which caused them to break-up in Walking in My Shoes.

Why did Nick say yes to Imogen?

He admits he just said yes to try and appease her and didn't want to break her heart. Nick promises to make things right and tell her the truth. As a birthday gift, Nick hands over a framed photograph of the pair together, from their time in the snow. Nick admits this was one of the best days he's ever had.

Does Imogen exist in the books?

While Imogen is not present in the comics, her addition to the TV series may be an exciting one, as she presents a bit of a conflict for Nick since she has some romantic feelings for him and may or may not ask him out!

Does Alice appear in Heartstopper?

Alice Oseman, creator of Heartstopper, gets a cameo in the very final episode, as a passenger on the train Nick and Charlie are on. Don't blink or you might miss her.

Why is Imogen blue?

Imogen's appearance has temporarily changed a few times due to wild magic surges from her from her Feywild shard. The first time, her skin turned navy blue for a brief time until Fresh Cut Grass cast Remove Curse on her. After a second wild magic surge, Imogen's hair fell out.

Is Imogen a girl?

Imogen (/ˈɪmədʒən/), or Imogene (/ˈɪmədʒiːn/), is a female given name of uncertain etymology.

How rare is Imogen?

1 out of every 10,785 baby girls born in 2021 are named Imogen.

Why did they add Imogen in Heartstopper?

In an interview with HELLO! Magazine, Oseman said, “I came up with Imogen because I wanted Nick to have a friend who wasn't one of the lads. We knew we needed a bit more drama and angst in the story and Imogen is the one who brings the drama midseason”.

Is Tori Spring asexual?

Character Information

Tori Spring is an asexual arospec character from Heartstopper.

Who has a ed in Heartstopper?

In the graphic novels, it is eventually revealed that Charlie struggles with an eating disorder.

What eating disorder does Charlie Spring have?

He reveals that his anorexia stems from wanting the need to control something in his life, and it often flares up when he is stressed or upset.

Why is Isaac not aled?

Explaining the decision to replace Aled with Isaac, Alice told HELLO!: "Basically, Aled is a character in one of my other books, who has his whole own separate story and I decided that I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted with this character so it worked to create a new character."

What are Alice Oseman pronouns?

Personal life. While promoting Loveless, Oseman opened up about being aromantic asexual. Oseman uses she/her and they/them pronouns.

Does Imogen have her baby?

After narrowly escaping a life-threatening clash with "A" in the season finale, Imogen's water breaks; she gives birth to a baby girl, who Imogen soon puts up for adoption and finalizes on a couple she thinks would best raise her daughter.

What does Imogen mean?

Girl. Irish. A form of Innogen, from the Gaelic inghean, meaning "maiden" or the Latin innocens, maning "innocent". Pronounced: IM uh jen. Imogen Heap is a Grammy award winning singer and.


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